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Oslo Bus Terminal is Norways largest bus terminal. From here, the airport bus and 400 express buses leave every day for various places in Norway and Europe, in addition to Ruter’s regional buses and tour buses around the country. A pleasant urban space in the capital, with cafe, kiosk, and a number of useful services.

Norway´s largest bus terminal

Oslo Bus Terminal – OBT – maintains an “airport standard” for service offerings, security and information.

OBT is part of the capital´s most central public transport hub. From here you get on the city buses from OBT street terminal, the subway stops Grønland an Jernbanetorget, the train From Oslo S and the tram from Jernbanetorget. There are taxis, city bikes and other micro-mobility in Schweigaardsgate. (See area map).

There is also an entry and exit zone with a car on Kiss&Ride in Schweigaardsgate. It is not allowed to park – however, you will find a a parking garage below Galleri Oslo, the building the terminal is located in.

When does the bus leave?

Updated route information is available on large screens in the terminal. They can also be seen through the windows from the street terminal in Schweigaardsgate. Oslo Bus Terminal has information screens with the latest available technology in areas such as lighting and contrast.

Safe end secure

In addition to the pleasant, dedicated safety guards at the terminal, the police and customs also have offices here. To ensure both personal safety and traffic safety, Oslo Bus Terminal uses the latest available technology within ITV systems for monitoring the terminal areas outside and inside. We ensure that the privacy legislation that accompanies video surveillance is allways up to date. Lighting is, among other things, a safety contribution, and lighting will be replaced along the outer wall towards Scweigaardsgate this fall.

Information desks

The information desks are staffed at 8AM-6PM (9AM-6PM Sundays). They are found by the moss wall in HUB, and by platform A12, where we have also collected the bus ticket machines. Our pleasant customer hosts are easily recognizable by their red ties or scarves, and are approachable if you meet them about the terminal. That’s why they’re there!

Any enquiries?

Please feel free to ask one of our service-minded customer hosts about anye enquiries you might have in regards to your visit to Oslo bus terminal. That’s why they’re there! The customer hosts are to be found at the information desks in HUB and at platform A12. They are easily recognizable about the terminal in their red ties or scarves. The info points are staffed at 8AM-6PM (9AM-6PM Sundays). Welcome!


Delicious BIT café is more than the scent of the legendary cinnamon rolls. Here you get salad, baguettes, delicious coffee and a variety of baked goods made on site. Cheerful baristas provide a good prelude to the informal work meeting, lunch with colleagues and your waiting time for the bus journey. Enjoy!


Hotdog on the go, coffee and a chocolate for the road, or could it be nice with something from the magazine shelf? The MIX kiosk is located in the middle of the terminal. Meet the nice, friendly crew at MIX, who can also help you buy tickets from Ruter and Flixbus.

Variety of waiting zones

There are several types of pleasant waiting zones at the Oslo bus terminal. If you want to do your homework over a latte whilest waiting for the bus, you will find power outlet sfor your laptop under the counter along the windows at BIT cafe, as well as under the tables in the “booths”. At BIT, you may also have the informal job meeting, the lunch with a colleague, or use as a meeting point for your travel companions. The unexpected meeting with a stranger, the exchange of a gaze and a smile, is easily given at the benches around the terminal. If the sun is shining, look for the Oslo-orange outdoor benches on both long sides of the terminal building. Relax with your newspaper and a hotdog from the MIX kiosk while charging your mobile; there are USB outlets at platform A17.


Owner and operator

Vaterland Bussterminal AS is the owner of Oslo bus terminal. The company has two owners: Viken County Municipality, which owns 78.5% of the shares (5,100 Class A shares), and Oslo Municipality, which owns 21.5% of the shares (1,400 Class B shares).

Operation, management and development of the terminal has been outsourced to Viken kolelktivterminaler FKF, a county municipal enterprise wholly owned by Viken county municipality.


Information on how to purchase your bus tickets.

Get an overview of the service offers at the terminal.

Assistance service

The assistance service at Oslo Bus Terminal is a service for people with disabilities.